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Beef skewers in soft package

Article: 006689


Baked pieces of dried beef lung alternately with rolls of beef skin are strung on edible skin strips. There are 2 pieces in the package. Thanks to the high content of amino acids and collagen, it has a positive effect on the cartilageous tissue, condition of the dog's skin and coat, and also ensures that the body receives essential components to grow and maintain the quality of the cartilageous tissue of the dogs joints. The high content of mineral nutrients and chain muscle complements the pleasure of a dog from delicate dainty. Recommendations for use: Helps the removal of dental calculus. Well develops jaws.


for brushing teeth, to encourage
List of ingredients
dried beef skin, beef lung.
Storage instructions
To store at temperature from + 4°С to + 25°С and relative humidity not more than 75%.
Nutrition facts
proteins 18,1 g, fats 12.5 g. Caloric Value in 100 g: 184 kCal.
Expiry date (months)