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Fitness Muesli with lamb and rice (16 pcs)

Article: 009291


Meat muesli for dogs is a light, low-calorie healthy delicacy, based on cereal components with the addition of meat, fruits and berries. Recommended for physically active and full-bodied dogs of all breeds. High quality dietary protein. Great taste. Very digestible. Promotes rapid recovery. Contains vitamins B, E, PP


Fortified to encourage
List of ingredients
oatmeal 24%, lamb meat 20%, corn starch 16%, rice 9%, pumpkin 8%, wheat germ 6%, carrots 6%, honey 4%, vegetable oil 2%, fructose 2%, yeast extract 2%, phytocomplex plant extracts 1%.
Storage instructions
To store at temperature from + 4°С to + 25°С and relative humidity not more than 75%.
Nutrition facts
proteins 14 g, fats 13 g, fiber 3 g, ash 3 g, moisture 12 g. Caloric Value in 100 g: 374 kCal.
Expiry date (months)