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Mattress with buckwheat husk filler 100x70 cm

Article: 003091


Mattress has unique orthopedic properties. Redistributes the load on muscles and joints during sleep. Promotes rapid recovery of the physical form of the animal. Has heat-insulating qualities it is "cool in the summer, warm in the winter", 100% natural filler. The mattress does not require special care; a pillow with a base made from buckwheat husks is sufficient to dry for several hours in the open air once a month. It is most convenient to clean the outer lining of the mattress with a wet brush with or without detergent, depending on the dirt. Wash at a temperature not higher than 30 °C, before washing it is necessary to remove the pad with buckwheat husk. It is not recommended to bleach and iron.


sleeping place
List of ingredients
tartan, nylon, buckwheat husks, synthetic winterizer
Storage instructions
dry place
Expiry date (months)