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Rope 10 mm + 1 deer horn

Article: 011232


Original and attractive toy combination for your pet: A durable 100% cotton rope with a 10 mm diameter and a fragrant natural delicacy-reindeer horn. The structure of the rope and dainty helps to clean your pet's teeth from plaque, strengthen gums and reduce the risk of dental tartar formation. ¶ The antlers of a deer is a tasty and healthy dainty for your pet. They have a unique and complex composition of biological and chemical components, optimally balanced by nature. It is a natural source of calcium, amino acids, peptides, lipids, fatty acids, vitamins, organophosphorus compounds, as well as a large number of micro and macro elements needed by the pet. 100% natural. The deer antlers remove plaque from teeth, strengthen gums. Distract the dog from the desire to gnaw shoes and furniture. They have unique nutritional value. They are hypoallergenic. Thanks to the dense, porous-fibrous structure of the horn, the chipped pieces will not harm your pet. They are not sharp, not


for games, for teeth cleaning
List of ingredients
100% cotton rope, the antlers of a deer.
Storage instructions
To store at temperature from + 4°С to + 25°С and relative humidity not more than 75%.
Expiry date (months)