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About us

Alpintech is a manufacturer of TiTBiT and BIFF trade marks

The Russian company Alpintech has been working in the pet market since 2000 under the TiTBiT ™ trademark. Over the past years, our products have gained confidence and have become well known to pet fans not only in Russia, but abroad. The consistent combination of high quality and an attractive appearance is what distinguishes products under the TiTBiT trademark. Our experts are doing everything to ensure that pets have a healthy, full and comfortable life.

TiTBiT products:
They are prepared by a special technology that allows to save all the analytical constituents and mineral nutrients. They have reduced fat content.
  • They are not subjected to mechanical and high-temperature processing, that allows preserving the structure of living tissue.
  • Preserve the natural taste and smell that pet likes so much.
  • They are indispensable to the gastro-intestinal tract disease prevention and the restoration of its work.
  • Strengthen gums and clean teeth from plaque and tartar, acting as a kind of toothbrush.

We offer a wide range of products (over 500 items), which allows you to individually select food, dainties and accessories specifically for your pet. Among the company's products you will always find a variety of natural food and dainties for dogs, cats, rodents and rabbits, dog training kits, as well as accessories for a comfortable life for animals in the house (shoes for dogs, hammocks for transporting animals in the car, etc.). Our products are designed for domestic animals, both large breeds and the smallest pets of decorative breeds.

Caring owners can purchase for their pets products from the stomach and skin, tails, noses, lips, products from the esophagus and lungs, as well as TiTBiT new products, which our four-legged friends have already enjoyed Biff - small sausages and bio desserts (biscuits with vitamins for dogs).

By choosing products
under the TiTBiT trademark,
you choose the health
and longevity of your pet!

Alpintech doesn’t use preservatives, dyes and genetically modified components in its products! Choosing TiTBiT products, you can be absolutely sure about the health of your pets, because the company's products are fully approved and recommended by veterinarians for daily use.